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Transformative Culture

Because I’ve seen so many wishes for Blanket Statements/Permission Statements on the fandom wishlists of today’s Snowflake:

  • Blanket Statements or other Permission Statements are statements posted to your profiles on archives and blogs that let people know what you permit them to do with your creations.
  • Why is that important: Writing down such a statement forces you to think about what kind of transformative uses you are comfortable with. Permission statements encourage transformative creativity. No matter how nice you think you are, many people are too shy to ask for permission. If you have a permission statement, they don’t need to ask, and they will know what you’re comfortable with.
  • There is no moral obligation to issue a Blanket Statement. How you support transformative culture and what your limits are is completely up to you. You don’t need to justify or explain your statement. Your stories, your art, your statement.
  • Last but not least, two helpful links: Blanket Statements at Fanlore has more details and links for the fannish context. Creative Commons offers licenses and information how to share original content in a way that permits transformative creativity.

My Fanworks License is posted HERE.

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Christmas. Pudding.

Not a drabble. A gift for my new flist friend Iulia Linnea and for Tudorpot.


This is unbetaed.

It is pure fluff and may cause caries.

It is also as all-out AU as things can get. Pretty much everyone is alive, and things are crazier than ever.

All references to Mary Stewart’s character of Goody Gostelow and Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management are entirely intentional.

Oh, yeah, and my Muses suffer from dyscalculia. So, just pretend it’s 100 and not ca. 3,500 words, okay?

That said, enjoy!


Christmas Pudding


“How can you be so gleeful over a mouldy old tome of household charms,” Severus grouses. “Not enough that we have to live in this heathenish hovel of a commune of crazed Gryffindors, do you want to turn me into a house-elf now?”

They’ve been living with Harry and way too many others (not all of them Gryffindors or Ravenclaws or even Hufflepuffs) at Grimmauld Place aka “Headquarters”-of the conspiracy against the Ministry. And Hermione and Severus are lucky; as a married couple they have the attic to themselves. The attic is much better than being stuck in the gardenshed like Bill and Fleur. Harry and Ginny have only one room, and sometimes not even that. And Hermione knows they are sharing not just the room sometimes. She also suspects they rather like that arrangement. At least when she walked in on them a few weeks ago, Draco, Harry and Ginny didn’t look all that bothered, more like tangled. A tangled heap of limbs, mixed in with sheets and blankets and nothing in the way of pyjamas or nighties.

“No,” Hermione says diffidently, “though an extra house-elf would come in handy, as packed as that house is. Kreacher’s not getting any younger, and Winky’s rather volatile…”

Hermione beams at Severus as they trundle down to the Tube. “No, this is much better. I never expected to find it in a Muggle second-hand bookshop!” She rubs her cold nose. She really should know better now, she reflects happily. They’ve found all kinds of magic things in the Muggle world. The wizarding world has a long history of not paying attention. Hermione bites down on her lip. Unfortunately for them, the Ministry is changing that now.

“Christmas Pudding,” she announces, spilling her surprise simply to keep dark thoughts away. It’s Christmas, she thinks. There’s enough time for danger, conspiracies and terrorism in January. “That’s what this is about.” Clutching the book closer, she can’t keep from grinning. “Goody Gostelow’s book of Household Management. The most sovereign receipt for the Christmas Pudding of all Christmas Puddings in the Muggle and the wizarding world is in here.”

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