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The Notebook

Part 1 of the “Sex Must Be Mixed” series.

“Sex must be mixed with notebooks, pining, vegan cupcakes, lewd haiku, vacations, alliterations, laughter, lube, wordplay, dreams, apple pie, fears, smoke rings, declarations of love, blood orange martini, Zachary Quinto.”

– Chris Pine, based on Anaïs Nin, at some point in this series probably.

Disclaimer: An essential part of this story is true: The notebook really does exist. The writing inside, however, does not. Also, Chris never stole that notebook. Because he never stole the notebook, and because the notebook does not contain anything mentioned in this story, Chris couldn’t read it and he couldn’t show it to Zach. In other words, nothing of what you’re about to read ever happened. But the funny thing is? In an alternative universe, it totally could happen. Maybe it did.

Dedication: This story is a gift for Pintoinlove in appreciation for her enthusiasm and her creativity and all the wonderful things she does for this fandom. “Wordplay as Foreplay” fandom wouldn’t be the same without you. ♥♥♥

Acknowledgements: First and foremost I am grateful to Chris Pine for almost stealing the notebook. Basically, this story is his fault.

However, this story, like all children, owes its existence to parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents: all the wonderful stories in “Wordplays as Foreplay” and “Star Trek” fandom written months and years ago. Without you, this story wouldn’t be alive, either.

Next, a shout-out to Museaway, intrepid cheerleader and enabler: Here be squee!

Last but not least, I am indebted to my beta-readers, Aranel Took and Jouissants, for patient, perceptive, and precise proofreading. Thank you so much for making this world a better place and this story a better read.

Fanmix: Listen to the fanmix HERE.

Chapter Index:

  1. Stolen
  2. Something I Ought To Do
  3. Let Me Come Home
  4. It Is Sentimental, It Is Not Realistic; It Is Life-Defining
  5. Icarus
  6. The Deep End Of The Pool
  7. Cupcakes For The Princess
  8. Epilogue