Who is JunoMagic?

One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.  – Friedrich Nietzsche

Writer, artist, sometime-scholar.


Daring dreamer.


…I’ve been writing stories ever since I could write. The first stories on yellow index cards in first grade. My first novel was handwritten in a spiral-bound A4 notepad when I was 16/17. (No one but me has ever read it – which is exactly as it ought to be where most first novels are concerned.) In May 2004 I followed a link from an interview with Joanne K. Rowling to a fansite and discovered a strange phenomenon called “fanfiction”. It didn’t take long for that particular virus to infect me. So in June 2004 I added fanfic to my o-fic writing endeavours… and wrote a LotR fanfic novel! When “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” was published in 2007, I began writing HP fanfic as well, for the good ‘ship Hermione Granger/Severus Snape. Somewhere in between I finished an original manuscript of a historical fantasy novel that I’m planning to go Indie with as soon as I can afford to take enough time off work for a final round of revision. During the last few years I’ve also started playing around with rhyme and rhythm, trying my hand at original poetry. And most recently I’ve started writing Star Trek fanfic and Pinto RPF.

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…I’ve been painting even longer than I write. But taking art & history of art as a major at college level in school left me somewhat disillusioned, so I gave up on my art for over ten years until 2008, when I got involved in a local artists’ group. Just one year later, I found myself in the midst of organising the very first exhibition of my art. Since then I’ve presented my works in two more exhibitions. My favourite technique is a mixture of ink and water colours, but I also enjoy experimenting, for example mixing photography and painting.

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…when I’m not Satis or JunoMagic, I’m at home in a tiny town in Germany, along with my husband, Hufflepuffhobbit, and our cats. With degrees in law, political science, and history I currently work as a freelance writer, editor, and translator. I am also the manager of a small museum.

 Who is satismagic?

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And why satismagic?

Writer, artist, sometime-scholar. Cat-friend. Daring dreamer. Fancrone!

Until Juno-the-cat died in 2015, she graciously shared her name with me, and I was JunoMagic.

Now I’m satismagic. I still believe in magic, especially in the magic woven with words and songs and stories. But most of all I want to remind myself that I am what my new name – the Latin word “satis” – means: enough.

You can find my new blog here: satismagic

. . . and if you want to know more about me, you will simply have to ask me!